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Biomechanics is the study of a body in movement, using mechanical principles. It is particularly relevant to horseback riding, where the rider’s body and the horse’s body come together to influence each other. In order achieve an ideal biomechanical dynamic between these two bodies, we need not only to understand the biomechanics of the horse, but also that of the rider, for it is the rider who can change the dynamics. In Rider Biomechanics we use these principles to explain how the position and movement of the rider (whether conscious or sub-conscious) affect the horse’s body and the movement of the horse.

Rider Biomechanics is applicable to all disciplines and at all levels, from the most novice rider to the most competent equestrian, from the absolute beginner to those competing at the highest levels. It works for dressage, jumping, eventing, vaulting & western pleasure. Whether you are a recreational trail rider, an endurance rider or regularly competing; whether you ride English or Western – Rider Biomechanics can help you and your horse!

Rider Biomechanics makes complicated ideas simple and answers age-old questions. We all remember being told that our thumbs should be on top and our heels be our lowest point (FEI Rules – Article 418) but most of us don’t know why. Rider Biomechanics is different – I not only tell you why, I can demonstrate it, too. Unless you have seen this actually proven, it’s virtually impossible to believe that the rotation of a wrist from thumb on top to thumb horizontal can really result in such a dramatic loss of balance – for you and your horse – and great balance and confidence go hand in hand. Contact us for more information.

While clinics and demonstrations can be tailored to meet your needs, the following formats are the most popular (prices vary by location):

Introduction to Rider Biomechanics
Ideal for larger groups, clubs and training programs, this introductory class covers the principles of Rider Biomechanics – what it is and why it matters. Participants gain useful insights through various exercises and posture assessments. Utilizing the HomeHorseTM, common riding issues are highlighted and addressed. There is no riding involved and everyone is welcome.

One-Day Clinic
A full day clinic covering theory, exercises and individual riding sessions. Rider Biomechanics is suitable for all riders, from complete beginners to experienced competition riders. Regardless of your ability, experience or chosen discipline, if you want to be more aware of your position and improve your riding, or just gain confidence and learn how to communicate more effectively with your horse when you’re in the saddle, then Rider Biomechanics is for you. Following the Introduction to Rider Biomechanics presentation in the morning, each rider receives one individual riding session during the day. Maximum of 6 riders with horses per clinic, non-riding participants welcome for a nominal fee.

Complete Clinics
The Complete Clinic offers the perfect balance of theory and practice. Each clinic offers a group of riders the opportunity to work on their posture, seat & balance, while non-riding participants are welcome to attend for a nominal fee. Beginning with the Introduction to Rider Biomechanics presentation on the first evening and two full days of practical Rider Biomechanics, clinics offer each rider one-to-one coaching and provide useful insights to all participants.

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