Equine Nutrition: A Stable Diet

Equine Nutrition Advisor Services

Elisabeth Crabtree is a Certified Legacy Equine Nutrition Advisor through Legacy Equine Nutrition. Elisabeth offers personalized nutrition programs (which can also be reviewed by Dr. Mottet (Independent Equine Nutritionist) if desired, as an add-on service). Contact Elisabeth for a virtual or on-farm service and get your horse on the right program!

Principles of Equine Nutrition Class
Principles of Equine Nutrition
This is a one-day class covering the fundamental principles of equine nutrition. Most importantly, it is independent and unbiased and the only class of its kind. We’ll cover what a horse has evolved to eat, the GI tract, classes of nutrients, types of forages and feedstuffs, reading feed labels, calculating rations, feeding for life stages, special considerations – and more. Activities will include calculating a horse’s weight, body condition scoring, feed comparisons and ration calculations. The class has been developed in collaboration with an  Advisory Board that includes an independent equine nutritionist, a double-Board-certified equine veterinarian, and other experts. The class includes a full-color 80+ page reference manual and a Certificate of Completion. Instructors are available to teach in Canada and the USA. (Full day, $169)

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Want to become an instructor and teach this class?

Principles of Equine Nutrition Instructor (ENI)
Instructor training is available to those who would like to teach the class. The full tuition is $1,599  and most instructors make their investment back with their first couple of classes! Read through the New Nutrition instructor Information, then feel free to call me with any questions or to inquire about payment plans (936-827-5694). The application form can be downloaded, completed and submitted via email.